Lead Work

IMG_2646Lead-Tech Roofing Ltd are recognised leadwork specialists and our lead work has been graded ‘Excellent’ by the Lead Contractors Association. We cover all aspects of lead work;


  • General Lead Works – Dormers, Flashings, Flat Roofs
  • Lead Cladding
  • Sand Cast Sheet (supply and fix)
  • Ornamental



finalWhat are the benefits?

  • Lead is the oldest and most durable metal in roofing
  • Lead is a non-ferrous metal which makes it corrosion resistant.
  • Lead is resistant to atmospheric pollution and acid rain.
  • This makes it ideally suited for roofing. It is extremely malleable which make it an ideal material for dressing over complicated shapes and forms. When installed properly it can last up to 200 years



Lead-Rolls-three-upWhy Is Lead So Green?

Reclamation uses little energy and as a result there is an efficient recovery network in the UK that ensures over 95% of Lead is recycled. Compared with its short-lived substitutes and their significant effect on global warming both in production and disposal, specifying Rolled Lead Sheet is the environmentally friendly option.