Slating & Tiling

Lead-Tech Roofing Ltd are the perfect choice for anyone who needs a new pitched roof or a re-roof as we are experts in slating and tiling.



Slating is a traditional and specialised roofing method. We specialise in all types of slating;



Natural slate occurs in varying colours even from a single locality. For instance, slate from North Wales can be found to have many shades of grey to purple. Here are a few examples of natural slate that we use

  • Glendyne – natural slate from Canada
  • Glacier – natural slate from Canada (blue/grey)
  • Penrhyn – natural slate from Wales





Manmade slates are an economical alternative to natural slate. The advatages of manmade slates are that they are lightweight, durable and easy to install as they are pre-holed. Here are a couple of manmade products that we use;

  • Marley Eternit Thrutone – their smooth finish and square cut edges offer the low profile slate look at a truly economic price.
  • Cembrit Jutland – is a smooth non-asbestos slate with square cut edges manufactured from blended synthetic and cellulose fibres and Portland cement.



Tiled roofs are an economical and stylish method of roofing. The advantages of having a tiled roof are that they are durable, help insulate heat in the winter and shed solar heat in the summer. They are fire-resistant and can withstand any climatic weather conditions. There are so many types of roof tile available with differing colours and designs that it can compliment any house or building.

There are many types of tiles available on the market but we specialise in all such as;

  • Hand Made
  • Concrete
  • Plain



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