Resitrix_Roll1What is it?

Resitrix is an environmentally sound choice for the covering of flat roofs. Resitrix is a revolutionary bitumen compatible, heat weldable EPDM synthetic roofing membrane developed by a company called Phoenix. It has an integral reinforcement and a unique adhesion enabling top surface. Resitrix is made up of different layers. The sub-layer is composed of SBS-modified bitumen. The top layer is EPDM, covered on both sides with a coating of thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE-coating). The TPE-coating makes for a good adhesion with the SBS-bitumen, also allowing for hot welding of the overlapping sections.



resitrix_diagramWhat are the benefits?

Resitrix has many benefits including;

  • Resitrix is an environmentally friendly development.
  • Resitrix does not release any CFCs or HCFCs during the life cycle. Also other environmental effects, such as waste heat, noise, pollution, have no relevance with regard to Resitrix.
  • Resistant to ageing and weathering without additional surface protection, in accordance with DIN 7864
  • Life span 40-50 yrs



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